Borough of Dormont
Stormwater Authority

 Program Achievements

Athens Alley Improvements Completed

Louisiana/LaSalle project completed

Submitted MS4 yearly report to the PaDEP

Prepared and implemented Stormwater Management Operation and Maintenance Plans

Prepared and implemented an Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Plan

Prepared and implemented a Public Education & Outreach and Public Participation Program

Inspected observation points

Storm system installation – Janet Way

Only Rain Should Go Down The Drain

This video was created by DSWA Chairman Gary Klimowicz and his two sons.  It is a great educational video for ALL ages. 😊 Enjoy!

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 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

All of our meeting minutes and agendas from April 2016 to the present can be viewed on our Meeting Minutes and Agendas page.

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2022 Stormwater Budget

We are committed to completing stormwater management projects, controlling sediment, contaminates and pollutants, implementing State and Federal clean water regulations, facilitating public education and public involvement and improving the water quality of the Saw Mill Run Watershed and the Ohio River.  The 2022 proposed budget has been uploaded here for your review.  A list of our projects planned for 2022 and the grants awarded are shown in the budget.   View the 2022 Budget here.

 Successful MS4 Inspection

The Stormwater Authority is proud to announce that the Borough of Dormont passed the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s MS4 inspection with flying colors. We met every MCM requirement and have no violations. A perfect score is very rare for a Pennsylvania Municipality.

Click here to view the full report


“Just wanted you to know how appreciative I’ve been of your updates throughout this project. Also, I want to comment on how professional the men have been who were working on Kelton and Texas Avenue. They have been very protective of children coming and going from school and also have been careful about our properties. I’m looking forward to being able to put our cars in our garage without them being flooded.” – Carol Nomides

“Thank you, Dormont Stormwater Committee, for living up to your promise to work on this project for the residents of the 1200 block of Kelton Avenue. They have been plagued for decades with stormwater surges that destroyed and totaled cars, flooded garages, basements, lost lawnmowers and other items in their homes, all because of an incorrectly installed sewer system when the borough was established. You are the first group who has taken responsibility for this need, and you are to be commended for all you are doing.” – Diane Moder