Authority Background

The Borough of Dormont Stormwater Authority was formed on August 3, 2015, by Ordinance No. 1609. The Authority submitted its Articles of Incorporation to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State on October 5, 2015, but due to delays at the state level, the Authority was unable to receive official approval of its Articles of Incorporation until February 4, 2016.

On March 23, 2016, the Authority held its first public meeting and organized its Board. On April 27, 2016, the Authority passed a resolution authorizing the collection of a Stormwater fee prorated for the second half of the calendar year 2016.

The first bills were sent to Dormont residents and property owners at the beginning of June 2016 and the first fees were due by the end of July 2016. 2017 Billing will be mailed the last week of December with a due date of January 31, 2017. Residents will have the option to pay a one-time yearly fee or break it into quarterly payments throughout the year.

The Fee

ESU — Equivalent Stormwater Unit (median amount of impervious surface found for single family residences)

Impervious Surface — Impervious surfaces are hard surfaces that do not allow rain or snowmelt to infiltrate at the same rate as natural surfaces such as grass.

Larger properties (apartment buildings, commercial, non-profit) will pay a fee based on the actual amount of impervious surfaces

The revenue provided by the Stormwater fee will increase the maintenance and repair of the system, fund drainage improvement projects (i.e. Athens Alley/Kelton Avenue, Latonia Avenue), sediment and pollutant collection equipment (e.g. street sweeper) and the development and implementation of state and Federally approved best management practices to improve water quality of Saw Mill Run and the Ohio River.