Education and Outreach

Tree Pittsburgh partnered with the Dormont Stormwater Authority on Thursday, November 18 to plant trees in Dormont Park! It was a bit cold but a huge success! Thank you Tree Pittsburgh for your support!
A bit of education…A deciduous tree can control 4,000 gallons of stormwater in a year.

Downspouts and Sewage

Many residents have had sewage back up into their basements with all the storms we have had. Please make sure your downspouts are not connected to the sewage lines.  This won’t completely solve the sewage problem but will help your neighbors. It is also illegal to have downspouts hooked up to the sewage system.  Contact us if you have any questions about your downspouts.

Only Rain Should Go Down The Drain

This video was created by DSWA Chairman Gary Klimowicz and his two sons.  It is a great educational video for ALL ages. 😊 Enjoy!