ESU — Equivalent Stormwater Unit (median amount of impervious surface found for single family residences). Currently the residential fee is $8 / month. Commercial fees are based on the impervious surface, which is converted to an ESU.

Impervious Surface — Impervious surfaces are hard surfaces that do not allow rain or snowmelt to infiltrate at the same rate as natural surfaces such as grass.

Larger properties (apartment buildings, commercial, non-profit) will pay a fee based on the actual amount of impervious surfaces.

The revenue provided by the Stormwater fee will increase the maintenance and repair of the system, fund drainage improvement projects (i.e. Athens Alley/Kelton Avenue, Latonia Avenue), sediment and pollutant collection equipment (e.g. street sweeper) and the development and implementation of state and Federally approved best management practices to improve water quality of Saw Mill Run and the Ohio River.