What is stormwater?

Stormwater is water from precipitation that flows across the ground and pavement when it rains or when snow and ice melt.  The water seeps into the ground or drains into what we call storm sewers. These are the drains you see at street corners or at low points on the sides of the streets.

How does our sewer system work? Where does the water go?

Dormont Borough has a separate sewer system. In this system two sets of sewers are provided, one for carrying sanitary sewage, and the other for carrying storm water (or rainwater). The sewage from the first set of sewers is carried to the ALCOSAN treatment plant, and the storm water (or rainwater) from the second set of sewers is directly discharged into a natural stream or river without any treatment. When rain events occur, the storm water can seep into the sanitary sewer system and can cause wastewater to low into rivers or streams. It’s important to the environment and to maintain Clean Water that both sewer systems work properly.

How can Dormont residents become more involved in clean water initiatives?

  • Dispose of hazardous materials properly.
  • Do not pour hazardous liquids down the storm drain.
  • Limit use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Properly dispose of yard waste.
  • Keep grass clippings and leaves out of storm drains and culverts.
  • Use a mulching lawn mower that recycles grass clipping and leaves into the yard.

Did you know you can get a credit on your stormwater bill? How, you ask?

By installing a rain barrel on your property or planting a rain garden.

What is Storm Frequency? How often do intense storms occur?

You may have heard weather reporters refer to a 100 year storm, but what exactly does that mean? A 100 year storm refers to rainfall totals that have a one percent probability of occurring at that location in any one year expressed as a one hour or 24 hour period.

Are you interested in environmentally sustainable, clean water and getting involved in your community?

Consider being a Stormwater Authority Board Member and contact us at manager@dormontstormwater.org