The Stormwater Authority in cooperation with TreeVitalize and the W. PA Conservancy are sponsoring a residential tree planting for the FALL of 2023.


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Complete the form below or download a printable version to register to be eligible for a free tree giveaway with technical assistance for planting and care.

Tree Planting Request Form

By submitting this form, I request that the Borough of Dormont Stormwater Authority plant a tree on the public right-of-way adjacent to my property in an appropriate, pre-approved location.

I hereby certify that I am the owner of the above-mentioned property. I hereby request the Borough of Dormont Stormwater Authority to supply and install a tree to be located on the municipal right-of-way adjacent to my property. I understand that there is no charge for this service. I agree to perform general upkeep of the tree planting bed by weeding, mulching, and providing water for establishment and during drought periods.

I also understand that this request does not guarantee that a tree will be placed adjacent to my property. Upon receipt of this request, the Authority and the TreeVitalize Coordinator will do a site analysis to determine the suitability of planting a tree at this location.